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October 10 2019


Residual Effect of Organic Manure (Biochar and Cowdung) on the Growth of Pterocarpus osun

The present study aims to determine the residual effects of organic manure (biochar and cowdung) growth of P. osun under a screen house condition. Implementing the use of biochar and different organic sources has been proposed as an option for improving soil fertility, restoring degraded land and sequester large amounts of carbon (C) over the long-term. The study was carried out in Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria. Pterocarpus osun seeds were collected from the botanical garden at the University of Ibadan. The media for planting (soil) and treatments used had already been established from previous experiments done by using same species (Pterocarpus osun). Seedlings of P. osun were raised in a germination basket for four (4) weeks and twenty four (24) healthy seedlings were selected from the basket on the basis of uniform treatments and then transplanted into the already established media and the experiments were arranged in a completely randomized design (CRD). Data on growth parameters (plant height, number of leaves), collar diameter and dry matter yields were generated and subjected to analysis of variance. The significant means were separated by using LSD at 5% level of significance. The results showed that the interaction of Biochar + Cow dung (30 t/ha +135 g) had the highest diameter with a value of 5.17 mm when compared with the control (no amendments). The   highest plant height was recorded by the interaction of biochar and cow dung at 20 t/ha +135 g with mean value of 11.73 cm while sole application of cow dung also performed well in number of leaves with a mean value 11.50 as compared with the control (no amendment). It is concluded that there is a residual effect in the interaction of biochar and cow dung, which ultimately improves the performance of Pterocarpus osun.

Please read full article : - www.journalcjast.com

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