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November 01 2019


The Diagnostic Value of the Glucose Curve in Individuals with and without Diabetes

Aim: Of this study is to demonstrate the importance of glucose curve test in monitoring pre and post-meal variation in diabetic and normal individuals.

Methodology: The individuals subjected to this study mainly grouped in two categories the (DM2 group) and the (Control group), they instructed to came fasting at which blood sample will be collected in EDTA and blank tube then after 30 min. the first post-prandial blood sample collected and then after every 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 hours blood sample collected subsequently, then serum separated from each sample (except the EDTA tube) analysed biochemically for glucose and glycated haemoglobin HbA1c (from EDTA tube).

Result: We found that, the calculated glucose based on mean glycated haemoglobin HbA1c% results underestimate the real concentrations all over the glucose curve in control group but in DM2 group it underestimate the mean and some actually measured concentration in some points of the curve which adds more burden on the diabetic patient and the responsibility of adjusting the dose and time of administration.

Conclusion: from our prospect we recommend the use of blood glucose curve as a monitoring and diagnostic tool generally for glucose metabolism in normal, pre-diabetic, diabetic and uncontrolled diabetic patients before and during therapeutic conditions.

Please read full article : - www.journalajrb.com

Antiplasmodial, Hepatic and Nephritic Effects of Fractions of Methanol Leaf Extract of Glyphaea brevis in Plasmodium berghei-Infected Mice

This study evaluated the antiplasmodial, hepatic and nephritic effects of fractions of Glyphaea brevis methanol leaf extract in P. berghei infected mice. Mice weighing between 15-30 g were infested intraperitoneally with 0.2ml plasmodium infected blood and left for 3 hours before treatment. Infected test groups were treated via oral route of administration with varying doses (200, 300 and 400 mg/kg body weight) of ethylacetate, N-butanol and residual aqueous portion fractions of the Glyphaea brevis methanol extract and Artemisinin (5 mg/kg b.wt) for four days. N-butanol fraction showed the highest antiplasmodial activity (76.64%), followed by residual aqueous portion (73.25%) and ethylacetate (72.99%); Artemisinin has 86.13%. Serum bilirubin (total and conjugated) concentrations of the untreated group (0.82 ± 0.20, 0.51 ± 0.12) were significantly lower (P<0.05) than those in the infected group treated with 300 mg/kg of the residual aqueous portion (1.36 ± 0.20, 0.76 ± 0.05) respectively. Serum albumin levels showed significant (P<0.05) increase in all the groups treated compared to the positive control. Serum total protein, urea and creatinine levels of test groups were not significantly (P>0.05) different from the positive control group. Conclusively, Glyphaea brevis has substantial antiplasmodial activity and could provide a lead for new antimalarial drug development.

Please read full article : - www.journalajrb.com

Haematological Assessments of Cocos nucifera Linn. Water and Oil on Apparently Healthy Wistar Albino Rats

In this study, the effects of the consumption of Cocos nucifera L. water and oil on the haematological parameters of apparently healthy wistar albino rats were investigated using standard methods. The albino rats (n= 100) were divided into 8 groups (A-H) of 12 rats each while the remaining four rats were put in another group to serve as control. The first four groups(A-D) were daily orogastrically administered different volumes of coconut oil, 0.5 ml, 1.0 ml, 1.5 ml, 2.0 ml respectively for 4 weeks while groups E-H were daily orogastrically administered different volumes of coconut water, 0.5 ml, 1.0 ml, 1.5 ml, 2.0 ml respectively for four weeks. The control rats (Group l) however were not administered either coconut water or coconut oil. All the rats were allowed free access to rat chow and water. The administration of either of the coconut water or oil caused a significant increase (p≤0.05) in the PCV, WBC and the differential leukocytes counts within the four weeks of this study with coconut water having higher effect. It is conceivable that the consumption of either coconut water or coconut oil could exert both hematinic and immuno-stimulatory effects in the consumers to checkmate low PCV and also boost innate immunity.

Please read full article : - www.journalaji.com

Influence of Soil Arsenic Levels on Biomass Production and Relationship the Concentration of Arsenic between Rice Straw and Grain

Arsenic (As) contamination is widespread in Bangladesh. It can cause health hazards depending on consumption of foods grown on As contaminated soil. Two pot experiments were conducted at net house, Department of Soil Science, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU), Gazipur to study the effect of As on above ground biomass of different rice genotypes and to determine the relationship of As concentration between rice grains and straw. Sixteen rice genotypes were grown in pots soils having 0, 20, 40 and 60 mg/kg As both in winter and wet seasons. Soil As levels reduced above ground biomass of rice by 8-65%. Above ground biomass reduction was the least in BRRI dhan47 with variable soil As levels. Total As concentrations in straw and grains increased with increasing soil As levels. Moreover, the concentration of As in rice grain was also increased with greater As concentration in straw. Grain to straw ratio of As concentration was lower at higher As concentration in straw. It is indicated that reduced movement of As from rice straw to grain take place when straw As concentration was high.

Please read full article : - www.journalajsspn.com

October 25 2019


Study of the Output Electric Parameters of the Sub-cells Composing the Ga0.67In0.33P/GaAs/Ga0.70In0.30As Triple-Junction Photovoltaic Cell and its Performance in Real Environment:Cases of Bujumbura and Bugarama in Burundi

Multi-junction photovoltaic cells composed of III-V semiconductor materials are widely used in photovoltaic systems. They offer very high efficiencies compared to single-junction photovoltaic cells. Knowledge of the behavior of their electrical parameters in real operating conditions is essential for their best use. This work presents an analytical model for predicting the behavior of the output electrical parameters of the sub-cells composing the Ga0.67In0.33P/GaAs/Ga0.70In0.30 As triple junction photovoltaic cell, operating under the actual conditions of two selected sites. The dependence of the external quantum efficiency at the wavelengths corresponding to the absorption ranges of the top (Ga0.67In0.33P), middle (GaAs) and bottom (Ga0.70In0.30As)$$ sub-cells is analyzed and discussed. The influence of temperature and irradiation on the V oc ,J sc, F F and η parameters is discussed taking into account the meteorological characteristics of two selected locations. An average daily conversion efficiency of the Triple-Junction solar cell of 37.24% and a daily electrical power of 1613.1 W/m2 for the typical day(TD) of the sunniest month of the Bujumbura site were found. Similarly, under the same conditions, for the Bugarama site, we found an average daily efficiency of 37.28% and a daily electrical power of 1619.7 W/m2. The developed model can also be used to design a more suitable Photovoltaic system at any specified place, provided that local weather data is available.

Please read full article : - www.journalcjast.com

Trend of Wearing Personal Protective Equipment by Dentists in Karachi, Pakistan

Objectives: To investigate the trend of wearing personal protective equipment by dentists in Karachi, Pakistan.

Methodology: Study was conducted over a period of three months in Karachi. Study included dentists working in Dental practices. Dental students and dentists not registered with Pakistan Medical and Dental Council were excluded from the study. The total filled questionnaires obtained were 251. Data analysis as done on SPSS version 20.0 and chi square test was used to assess difference amongst dentists.

Results: The trend of wearing personal protective equipment such as gloves, mask and protective eye wear showed statistically significant differences amongst dentists. More over disposal of sharp objects and disinfection of surfaces between patients also significantly varied amongst dentists working in different places.

Conclusions: Dentists working in different work places showed great variation in wearing personal protective equipment during dental procedures.

Please read full article : - www.journaljammr.com


Monitoring Strategy of Chrome Electroplating Workers’ Health at Company XYZ

Consequetly, one million deaths from 14% of fatality due to occupational accidents caused harmful substances in the year 2015; therefore, it increases of more than 90000 workers when compared to 2011. Company XYZ with workers about 2500 people is a company that provides special electroplating (chrome plating) service to repair vessels within industry.

This study aims to recommend a strong policy that can be applied to monitor chrome plating workers’ health in Company XYZ. The method used in this study is a qualitative approach with analysis methods, strategic assumption surfacing and testing (SAST) and to obtain decisions about recommendations to be taken using the exponential comparison method (ECM). The results shows that the level of exposure of chromium on workers in company XYZ was at high risk level, which may affected worker’ health, 2 of 13 workers have a rate of chromium in blood 1.11ug/L and 1.10ug/L. Therefore the expert recommendation of the medical surveillance program for this research study; that all workers are required to do periodic medical assessment every 6 months, and the medical assessment for worker prior joining in the chrome plating project is must. In addition, focused medical assessment will include complete blood count, liver function, renal function, chromium serum in blood and urine, spirometry, chest x-ray, integument and respiratory system. Deep interview on medical and occupational history, such as the presence of chromium exposure in the past, current and anticipated future exposures are also required to support the data for evaluation purpose. The ability to use respirators assessment considers as additional assessment to protect the workers accordingly. The health practitioner will summarize all medical reports, discuss and provide recommendation to employee as well as to the employer.

Please read full article : - www.journaljesbs.com

The Impact of Working Capital Management on Profitability of Global Haulage Company, Ghana

The study examines the impact of working capital management on profitability of Global Haulage Company Limited in Ghana. The service sector, which Global Haulage Company Limited forms part accounts for about 51% of national output and this show how vital the service sector has become in terms of job creation and gross domestic product growth in the Ghanaian economy. This study therefore employed the autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL) technique to examine the relationship between working capital management and profitability of firms in Ghana using Global Haulage Company Ltd as a case study with a period range of 1995 to 2013. The regression results showed that debt ratio, firm size and current assets to total assets ratio are negatively related to firm profitability whilst current liabilities to total assets ratio is positively related to firm profitability. The study therefore recommends that, management should use less of debt in financing their activities to be able to increase profit since high debt ratio adversely impact on profitability. Also, aggressive working capital policies should be pursued if management’s goal is to increase profit. In addition, policy makers should check and work on the managerial inefficiencies which are making the firm experience diseconomies of scale.

Please read full article : - www.journalajeba.com

Nutraceutical Potential and Antipsychotic Activity of Local Dry Fruit Waste – Juglans regia

Aim: To identify the biologically active components in shells of Juglans regia and study its nutraceutical potential and antipsychotic activity for effective waste management.

Study Design: Biochemical and in vivo analyses of plant extract using established protocols.

Place and Duration of Study: Sample extraction at Department of Food Science and technology, School of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, DY Patil deemed to be University, Navi Mumbai, India; sample components identification at Sophisticated Analytical Instrument facility (SAIF), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai, India; and in vivo studies for antipsychotic activity using Caenorhabditis elegans at Department of Life Science and Biochemistry, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, India between November 2018 and May 2019.

Methodology: The shells of Juglans regia were milled and the extract was prepared using Soxhlet extraction at 60oC using methanol as solvent. The GCMS analysis of the extract was carried out using a GC JEOL – The Accu TOF. Antipsychotic activity was studied using pharyngeal pumping assay in Caenorhabditis elegans.

Results: GC-MS analysis of methanolic extract of shells of Juglans regia revealed the presence of Tridecanoic acid, Acetoxyacetic acid, nonyl ester, 2-hexenal, 2-ethyl, Eicosanoic acid, phenylmethyl ester, Undecane, Benzeneacetic acid decyl ester, (1-pentyl-allyoxymethoxy-methyl)-benzene), 9,12-octadecadienoic acid(Z,Z), phenylmethyl ester, Benzyl oxytridecanoic acid, 6,9,12- octadecatrienoic acid, phenylmethyl ester (Z,Z), 9- octadecanoic acid (Z), phenylmethyl ester, 9,12,15- octadecatrienoic acid, Z [(trimethyl (sil)oxy, 1 – trimethyl (sily)oxy] ethyl ester (Z,Z,Z). Furthermore, behavioural assay done using Caenorhabditis elegans as a model organism showed that the sample exerted antipsychotic activity at lowest concentration.

Conclusion: The shells of Juglans regia being a natural source, can be used as an alternative to the synthetic antipsychotic drugs that have side effects. Our current work suggests that the walnut shells that end up into trash bins are an excellent source of effective natural biologically active compounds.

Please read full article : - www.journalejmp.com

Factors Affecting E-commerce Adoption of Small and Medium Enterprises in Sri Lanka: Evidence from Retail Sector

Purpose: There is a resistance in the adoption of e-commerce in certain parts of the world even though most successful businesses in the world has successfully adopted e-commerce to their businesses gained an increasing success. The study aims to find the crucial factors affecting to the adoption of e-commerce by using the evidence of retail sector in Sri Lanka as a developing nation.

Methods: The targeted population for the study was the retail sector registered as Small and Medium Enterprises in Colombo District. Adopting stratified simple random sampling technique, the study selected 200 SMEs in Colombo District who are engaged in retail sector. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data. Five dimensions namely adoption of e-commerce, perceived benefits, computer literacy, government support and technology infrastructure were measured by using a Likert scale measurement items, acknowledging the prior studies.

Findings: The results revealed that computer literacy, government support and technology infrastructure had significance influence on e-commerce adoption of SMEs in Sri Lanka even though perceived benefits had less impact on e-commerce adoption.

Implication: It has been realized that Sri Lankan government support and intervention is necessary to build speedy technology infrastructure in order to encourage the usage of e-commerce as government support and technology infrastructure share a significant correlation with e-commerce adoption.

Please read full article : - www.journalajarr.com


Influence of Environmental Heterogeneity on the Species Composition, Species Richness and Species Abundances Unevenness in Reef-associated Conus Communities (Neogastropoda) from Papua New-Guinea

To what extent differences in species composition, species richness and species abundance unevenness between marine communities are attributable to heterogeneities of the surrounding environment and/or to inter-community distance is a fundamental issue to be addressed, in order to more deeply understand the functioning of marine ecosystems. A comparison between six reef-associated Conus communities, differing more or less in both their surrounding environment and their mutual geographical distance, offers a relevant opportunity to address these questions.

As expected, environmental heterogeneities prove having a significant influence on the dissimilarity in species composition, whereas distance-decay in similarity reveals comparatively negligible, at least within the investigated range of distances, up to 60 km. Less expectedly, more homogeneous surrounding environments between communities tend, here, to increase the dissimilarity in species richness. At last, here, difference in species abundance unevenness between communities seems unrelated to either environmental heterogeneity or inter-community distance.

From a methodological point of view, these results could not have been reliably established without the prior implementation of a least-biased procedure of numerical extrapolation applied to the available incomplete samplings. Also, the relevant assessment of dissimilarity in species composition required using a modified Jaccard index, rendered insensitive to bias-induced differences in communities species richness.

Please read full article : - www.journalajee.com

Hyperglycemic and Hypocholesterolemic Effect of Monosodium Glutamate in Wistar Rats

Background: The use of seasonings to enhance the flavor of food has been on the increase in recent times. Different types of seasonings are produced daily and the constituents of these flavor-enhancers are unknown to ignorant consumers. They only want to eat food with good taste without consideration of the effect of these additives on their health. These seasonings contain monosodium glutamate (MSG) which really spiced the food.

Aim: This study sought to investigate the effect of MSG on blood sugar and cholesterol.

Place and Duration: This research was carried out at the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria in 2011.

Methods: Forty Wistar rats were used for this study. Fifteen of the rats were used for acute toxicity test (LD50) and twenty-five for the experiment. The 25 Wistar rats were divided into five groups of 5 rats each. Animals in groups A, B, C, and D were respectively administered 500 mg/kg, 750 mg/kg, 1000 mg/kg and 1,250 mg/kg of MSG thoroughly mixed with standard feed for eight weeks. Animals in group E received equal amount of feeds without MSG added. This group served as the control group. At the end of 8 weeks, animals were fasted overnight and anaesthetized using diethyl ether. Blood samples were collected by cardiac puncture into plain test tubes and allowed to clot. The clotted blood was centrifuged at 4000 rpm for 10 minutes in a centrifuge. Serum was collected and analyzed immediately (for glucose) and the remaining refrigerated for further analysis (cholesterol) using standard methods.

Results: The LD50 was taken to be 500 mg/kg, which is the median of 200 mg/kg which did not kill any of the animals and 800 mg/kg that killed all its animals. MSG was observed to increase blood glucose but decreased cholesterol when compared with control animals.

Conclusion: The elevation of blood sugar by MSG is an indication that it can induce diabetes.

Please read full article : - www.journalijr2h.com

Anterior Transthoracic Approach for the Treatment of Thoracic Tubercular Spondylodiscitis - A Retrospective Study

Study design: A Retrospective study.

Purpose: To determine the clinical and radiological outcome of thoracic tuberculous spondylodiscitis through anterior transthoracic approach.

Methods: We retrospectively reviewed 38 patients with thoracic tubercular spondylodiscitis in our hospital between January 2010 to December 2016. The indication for surgery was the neurological deficit and refractory cold abscess not responding or worsening with antitubercular chemotherapy, spinal instability, and kyphotic deformity > 40°. All patients underwent surgery by the anterior transthoracic approach and had debridement, decompression, rigid fixation, and placement of bone autograft.  All the patients were evaluated clinically and radiologically on each follow-up. Frankel grading and VAS score were calculated.

Results: Total 38 patients in which 13 males and 35 females with a mean age of 45.02 years, a mean follow up of 47.84 months were included in our study. Preoperative neurological deficits were present in 34 patients out of which 31 patients improved, 2 remained the same after surgery according to Frankel grading and one mortality took place on the 8th postoperative day due to acute myocardial infarction.  Average VAS score was 7.4 at admission which was improved to 3.2 at final follow up. Preoperative kyphosis in the thoracic spine was 42.2º (22º-54º), which was corrected to mean of 25.3º (14º-29º) postoperatively. One patient developed chest infection one month after the surgery for which left sided pneumenectomy was done. There was no graft and implant-related complication.

Conclusion: Treatment of thoracic tubercular spondylodiscitis with anterior transthoracic approach provides adequate debridement thorough decompression of the neural tissue with good deformity correction and also achieves good clinical, neurological, radiological and serological outcomes.

Please read full article : - www.journalajorr.com


Community Pharmacy Based Model for HIV Care and Services: Attitudes and Perceptions of Practitioners in Jos, Nigeria

Background: Differentiated care is an innovative multi-dimensional strategy for improving access to HIV care and treatment outcomes. However, its successful implementation depends on attitudes and perceptions of practitioners.

Objectives: This study assessed the attitudes and perception of community pharmacists on HIV differentiated care and services.

Methods: This was a cross-sectional survey of community pharmacists in Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria. The portion of the study reported in this paper consisted of a 10 items Likert questions to assess attitudes and perceptions of community pharmacists on differentiated HIV care and services. The Statistical Package for Social Sciences version 20 was used to manage data. The reliability of the instrument was calculated using Cronbach’s alpha. Descriptive statistics were presented as tables and figures.

Results: Seventy-three 73 community pharmacists completed our questionnaire out of 110 distributed, giving a response rate of 66.4%. Mean age of respondents was 37.7+7.8 years. Cronbach’s alpha for internal consistency of the perception scale was 0.9 indicating good reliability of the instrument. Overall, respondents had a positive perception regarding suitability and benefits of differentiated HIV care and services in community pharmacies. Highest agreement was to the perception that differentiated care would encourage collaboration between community pharmacies and the rest of the health system.

Conclusion: Willingness and positive perceptions of community pharmacists about the suitability and benefits of providing HIV differentiated care and services were identified.

Please read full article : - www.journali-srr.com

Granulometric and Mineralogical Characterization of Port-bouet Beach (Côte d’Ivoire)

Granulometric analysis of sampled sands along Port bouet coastline, during both periods (turbulent and calm periods), shows a wide particle size spectrum ranging from fine sand to very coarse sand. It should be noted, however, that the coarse fraction is largely predominant, particularly in channel proximity. This trend continues during both periods, caused by a grain size selection resulting from west-east direction coastal drift. Study of heavy minerals shows a very uniform mineralogical cortege, largely dominated by quartz, biotite and feldspaths. These minerals would come essentially from erosion of continental shelf granites. They are distributed along the coast by a coastal drift in a west-east direction. Study of sands transport mechanisms, collected on Port Bouet coast during the two seasons, May and November shows three modes of transportation: loading for very coarse sands, saltation for medium and coarse sands, and suspension for finer particles. Saltation is the mode of transport that predominates in all sectors, regardless of the observation period. Rates vary between 80 and 90% depending on the sector. Sediments transported by suspension and loading generally do not reach 12%.

Please read full article : - www.journalajoger.com

Impact of Indole-3-Butyric Acid (IBA) on the Root Induction of Arbutus pavarii Pamp (Lybian Strawberry Tree) in in vitro Culture

The main objective of this study was to clarify the best concentration of the indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) in order to induce the formation of strong roots of Arbutus pavarii Pamp, an endangered plant in the El-Jabel El-Akhdar region in Libya. A study was carried out to find a protocol for its in vitro propagation. The present paper aimed to investigate the effects of different concentrations of IBA plant growth regulator on the rooting. Three weeks old seedlings obtained with in vitro germination were transferred to Murashige and Skoog (M&S) roots induction medium supplemented with different concentrations of IBA (0, 1, 1.5 and 2 mg L-1). The highest response was obtained with the M&S medium half-strength supplemented with IBA 1 mg L-1 concentration. All the measured growth indicators (rooting percentage, root length and dry weight) significantly enhanced when using this concentration.

Please read full article : - www.journalajraf.com

Field Evaluation of Some Selected Chemicals against Bacterial Blight in Cotton

The aim of this study is to evaluate the comparative efficacy of some selected chemicals and antibiotic in controlling bacterial blight of cotton variety CB-9 in vivo. A field experiment was carried out at the Department of Plant Pathology, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka,  Bangladesh to study efficacy of selected chemicals against bacterial blight of cotton with ten treatments arranged in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD).Cotton plant was affected by bacterial blight at all stages of its development. The disease spread from the cotyledons to the leaves followed by the main stems, branches and bolls. Field evaluation of selected chemicals revealed that Streptomycin Sulphate was highly effective against bacterial blight of cotton caused by Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. malvacearum. The highest germination (92%) was found in the treatment where cotton seed was treated with Streptomycin Sulphate at 0.15% which was followed by seed treatment with Streptomycin Sulphate at 0.15% + Foliar spray with Streptomycin Sulphate at 150 ppm. The lowest disease severity in terms of PDI (22.66%) was found in Seed treatment with Streptomycin Sulphate at 0.15% + Foliar spray with Streptomycin Sulphate at 150 ppm subsequently after three foliar sprays at 105 DAS. Seed treatment with Streptomycin Sulphate at 0.15% + Foliar spray with Streptomycin Sulphate at 150 ppm reduced the disease severity by 44.46% over control and increased the yield of seed cotton 34.58% over control. Streptomycin Sulphate showed higher affectivity against bacterial blight of cotton compared with other tested fungicides.

Please read full article : - www.journalajob.com

Dietary Inclusion of Fermented Parkia in Feeds as an Organic Strategy to Improve Feed Quality and Antioxidant Parameters of African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) Fingerlings

Aim: The aim of this study is to assess fermented parkia infusion in feed as organic strategy to improve feed quality and immune system of African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) fingerlings.

Place and Duration of Study: Department of Biochemistry, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai, Niger State, Nigeria, between 1st January 2017 and 25th March 2017.

Methodology: In the present study, feed ingredients were fermented for 72 hrs with probiotic starter culture from Parkia biglobosa (TF diet) in comparison to a control diet with similar ingredients to the experimental diets but totally unfermented (CF diet) and used to make feed pellets. The experimental feeds were fed at 5% of body weight of each dietary treatment to triplicate groups of 20 fish per tank (100 Liter capacity), two times daily for 10 weeks. Proximate composition and mineral content of diets and whole fish, Feed efficiency, growth performance and Biochemical parameters of the fish were evaluated.

Results: The result of proximate compositions of experimental diets revealed a significantly higher protein and ash contents in TF compared to the CF. Carbohydrate content was significantly lower in TF diet while crude fibre, moisture and fat contents were not significantly higher in CF compared to TF. The highest values of some minerals such as sodium (Na), potassium (K), phosphorus (P) and magnesium (Mg) were also recorded in the TF while the least was recorded in CF. The result of feed efficiency and growth performance indicated similar feed acceptance and intake between fish fed the fermented diet and the control. The activities of serum antioxidant enzymes activities of superoxide dismutase and catalase were significantly (P < 0.05) higher in serum of fish fed TF compared to that in fish fed CF diet.

Conclusion: It can be deduced from this study that the fermented diet improved the immunity of fish and does not adversely affect the growth performance.

Please read full article : - www.journalajb2t.com


Bioconversion of Sawdust and Paper Treaded with Edible Fungus (Pleurotus pulmonarius)

The aim of this study was to determine the effect of Pleurotus pulmonarius on proximate composition and solid-state fermentation of sawdust and waste paper, and to quantify the soluble sugar produced in the biodegraded samples. Studies were carried out on the biodegradation of sawdust and paper using P. pulmonarius in cultures incubated for 90 days. The results of proximate analysis showed decrease in moisture content crude fiber and hemicellulose, while ash and cellulose were increased. Sawdust has higher soluble sugar content at 30-90 days of fermentation. The crude fibre decreased significantly from 45.5% to 32.4%, 48.2% to 32.9%, 55.5% to 32.8%, 53.4 to 32.1%, 44.5% to 27.5% for sawdust (SD), paper-waste (PW), and three proportional ratio mixtures (PW1:SD3, PW3:SD1, PW1:SD1) substrates respectively. The nutrient contents, pH values, (%) fiber fractions showed significant differences of (P≤0.05) in the five substrates as the fermentation. Lignin contents of treated paper waste and sawdust were degraded by P. pulmonarius and a decrease was observed. There were also consistent significant decreases (P< 0.05) in the values obtained for NDF, ADF, ADL. Percentage NDF 75.4% to 57.32%, 68.1% to 57.05%, 67.21% to 56.8%, 75.49% to 58.36%, 74.3% to 59.13% for SD, PW, PW1:SD3, PW3:SD1, and PW1:SD1 substrates, respectively. Significant differences were observed in the hemicellulose and cellulose contents. The results obtained from the bioconversion process of selected wastes reveals the potential of extracellular enzymes produced by P. pulmonarius as a biotechnological tool for the transformation of waste in biological product.

Please read full article : - www.journalajb2t.com


Jeans Instability of Fine Dust Particle with Impact of Coriolis Force, Electrical Resistivity and Electron Plasma Frequency

The present paper deals with the theoretical investigation of the combined influence of Coriolis force, electrical resistivity, electron plasma frequency and fine dust particles on the linear Jeans instability of gaseous plasma by using the generalized magneto-hydrodynamic fluid model. The general dispersion relation is derived using normal mode analysis technique and reduced for both the longitudinal and transverse mode of propagation and further, it is discussed of the axis of rotation parallel and perpendicular to the magnetic field. We found that the stabilizing influence of Coriolis force and electron plasma frequency increases for a fine dust particle, but electrical resistivity has the destabilizing influence on them. The Jeans criterion of instability is modified by fine dust particle only transverse mode of propagation when rotation is perpendicular to the magnetic field. The Coriolis force and electron plasma frequency have stabilized the growth rate of the system but the electrical resistivity is destabilizing the system. These results are applicable to interstellar clouds and star formation region.

Please read full article : - www.journaliaarj.com
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